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Ambtman Consultancy was founded in 2007 by John den Ambtman to support marine equipment manufacturers with their (international) commercial activities; strategic focus, agent management, project related support, etc.

Today, our company offers a group of skilled and highly dedicated colleagues and business partners, all with their individual specialities and backgrounds, and all jointly committed to our philosophy to make the decisive difference for (y)our customers.

With a strong background and network in the maritime industries (shipbuilding, shipping and offshore (oil&gas, renewables)), we have an extensive portfolio of reference customers in these industries.

Based on our staff, network of partners, and translation of our method to other market segments, we are also developing a wider customer base in other industries.

From strategic long term positioning to daily operational/commercial management, project related support or contract reviews only, together with our partners for marketing/branding, legal, communication, technical management/design, etc. we can cover all what it takes to create a steady course for the organisation, enable sustainable growth and a healthy business case for all stakeholders (owners, employees and above all, customers).

Please feel free to contact us to have an introductional meeting, without any obligation, and jointly discuss if, and how, we can be of service to your organization.


A selection of customers:

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